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All the things that run through my head when we are in bed (2019, 24 minutes)
Laundry Day (2018, 18 minutes)
Drowning [collaboration with Bonnie Hancell] (2017, 3 minutes, NSFW)
The Miss A Broadcast (2016, 13 minutes)
I'm Living In A Silent Film (2016, 3 minute loop)
A Teenage Melodrama In Four Parts (2015, 13 minutes)
The Very Last Plea From My Heart (2012, 6 minutes)

Excerpts from an essay, 2020
I am not a tourist, 2019
Five Techniques, 2018
After Splitting, 2018
Dirt, 2018
Zero point four miles, 2018
Into, 2018 (with Bonnie Hancell)
Education Through Desire, 2017
Unwanted Spaces / Abnormal Acts: Architecture, space and queer sexualities, 2016
Session, 2013

Places of no significance, 2019 [sold out]
Splitting, 2018 [sold out]
Residency, 2018 [sold out, copy available to read at the Tate Library or as a PDF here] (NSFW)
The Miss A Broadcast, 2016 [sold out]
Dreamhome Heartache, 2015 [sold out]
The Very Last Plea From My Heart, 2012 [sold out]