house rules

[Whilst the House Rules change slightly depending on each event, these are the House Rules which apply to all Temporary Cruising Zone events. By applying for Membership or attending an event, you are agreeing to these Rules. Anyone found going against these Rules will be banned and / or have their Membership revoked.] (audio version available upon request.)

1. All TCZ events are for over 18's only. ID will be required upon entry.
2. With the exception of the 'Private Party' events where members can bring a guest, TCZ is for LGBTQIA+ people only. Please respect this and do not apply for Membership or attend a Social or full play event if you do not identify as LGBTQIA+.
3. No form of aggression, abuse or bullying will be tolerated. This includes racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, wh*rephobia, fatphobia, ableism and classism.
4. Please respect people’s pronouns and gender identity. Ask about pronouns, do not assume. TERF ‘n’ SWERF’s are not welcome.
5. What goes on at TCZ stays at TCZ! Do not take photographs or videos or discuss who was in attendance or what so-and-so was getting up to at a later date unless you have their consent. Cameras are not permitted and your phone camera will be covered upon entry.
6. Nudity and sexual content are, of course, welcomed and encouraged but please only practice things you feel comfortable with. All kinks and fetishes are welcome to be practiced as long as they are practiced within RACK (Risk-aware Consensual Kink). Please do not kink shame or judge people based on the sexual activity they are engaged in.
7. Safe sex must be practiced at all times. Condoms, gloves and lube will be available.
8. Negotiation must be done with talking and not with touching. If you want to play – ask. Discuss what you want and share interests and kinks before acting on them. Respect each other’s boundaries and remember that consent can be taken away at any time. No means no.
9. There is no dress code as such - wear whatever you feel sexy in. Strictly no fancy dress, military or police uniforms.
10. Please be mindful of how intoxication can effect your interactions with others and know your limits.